PORTALISM: Unearthing your prodigy through the portals of time

Portalism is the philosophy and application of accessing genius abilities previously glimpsed in former lives, to facilitate quantum change in the individual and their world.


Josephine Sorciere conceptualised Portalism because she saw individuals being highly limited in their excellence by only accessing this lifetime’s experience.

The process of Portalism


Ceilings on concepts and the floor of fear hold individuals’ captive by their human consciousness. Its time to open the chambers of the mind and energetic patterning held in the body.


Once removed, they  become an open-ended channel, a portal, to access vast resources and their own genius, previously sealed off to them.

By encoding the DNA & cellular level memory to the frequency of all realities, past, present, and future, the wisdom and essence of their unique prodigy can be accessed and utilized in this lifetime.


Legacy Leaders emerge, creating profound change. The Dark Disruptors.


Birthing Dark Awakening removes the constrictions of the human being, including those of time and space, through Portalism. Un-earthing.


These abilities have been used and accessed to some degree in past lives, and now ready to be fully unleashed as the individual, and the world, are ready for quantum shifts in evolution.


It is not about focusing on particular past life experiences, rather the energies are cleared and transmuted through the holograms of the quantum where time and space are irrelevant.


It is the fast track replacement of the core operating system through which you experience life.

Josephine Sorciere


Sorciere’s unique tone of truth, authority and authenticity makes her a world leader to the innovators of immense change. Creating Dark Disruptors who upend the paradigms of their life and their niche.


Her brilliance is a culmination of decades of self-exploration and several own businesses, following 15 years in Blue Chip Corporate finance. More relevant, she has been a leader of leaders for many lifetimes.


Once her own prodigy was unveiled, others sought her out to start creating their life as a work of art, with ultimate liberation, just as she has done.


Her ability to facilitate radical transformation in another at such fast speeds is an exceedingly rare art form.


The Disruptive Initiation is the entry point to Josephine’s world.


Josephine Sorciere, The Cosmic Artisan.