Who has the potential as a Dark Disruptor?


They are unearthed through Disruptive Initiations.
For those reawakening under the right conditions for their dormancy to end.
Josephine is the Activator you didn’t know you needed.


The raw truth  is revealed on the lifelong patterns holding you back from the tipping point into unlimited leadership and change.


Your completed questionnaire will expose your deepest secrets, keeping your life mission at arm’s length, always out of your reach. Until now.


In your 90 minutes with Josephine, you will


*Gain complete clarity around your modus operandi stopping you diving into the depths of what you are really here for

*End the eternal quest for the answers and solutions you have desperately seeking though have never admitted

*Experience an energy ignition of your potent power laying dormant within, a taste of what is possible when you clear the layers of restrictions

*Absolute understanding of what is required within you to bring your grandest vision to life, even if uncertain what that looks like


After the Initiation, Josephine may invite you to work with her further. She only works with the Legacy Leaders committed to personal evolution required before disrupting the face of their world.


The Change Agents who are taking their authority and authenticity to create new world paradigms. Break away from the illusions running the show.


Her insights will rip your masks cleanly and precisely from your shoulders, leaving you free to finally unleash the Prodigy within.


Your investment for the Disruptive Initiation is US$1,000.
Please allow up to 2 hours for the Initiation.


Discover what it will take to watch the mirror of illusions crack from side to side.


To escape the limitations of your contemporary cages and cultural chains.


Bring radical transformation to your own life, relationships, business or career.


If you are ready to handle the ultimate freedom of your mind so no circumstance or situation can ever rock your world, you have arrived at the right time.


For it is NOW the world needs you to step up, and claim your place as a Dark Disruptor.


Are you ready?

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