DARK DISRUPTORS  – Masters of Evolution

Many are natural born leaders.
Only an extreme few have the capacity as Dark Disruptors.


100% of you think yourselves as leaders.
1% truly have the potential for what is required RIGHT NOW in the world.


I recognise you from a former life and other realms.
You sense many lifetimes of witnessing profound world change.
We had a contract set eons ago that I would wake you when the time came. It has arrived.


I struck the Tone of Truth, and you heard the bell. Revolution awaits, once more.


The battle is not on the war fields. First it plays out in your head.
Reflected in the heart of  the niche you are deeply passionate about.


You have an inner knowing there is something within you not yet birthed in this world.
A pivotal key in the turning of the tides, with global impact.


Ready to step into an arena where there are no limits.


Standing, as the prodigy you are, at the top of your A Game, with a future you have not yet glimpsed.


People who only live in this moment deny themselves power.
Access all moments through the portals of time.

The world is ready for Dark Disruptors

He is a dark disruptor

Your excellence feels empty.



Reaching the pinnacle of your career was child’s play.



You feel the ancient timelessness within.



Ready to explore brand new territory.

Your quirky abilities must come of the closet.



Gilded cages of prestige are rattling prison doors.



Create witchery in the workplace.



Feel ALIVE again.

She is the legacy leader

You have never had a platform to deliver your true brilliance. For you have never really discovered it, yet you know it lies deep inside, waiting.


Dark Disruptors attend the finishing school for the elite when all the worldly qualifications, status and awards were never enough for you.


The next stages of your own evolution elude you, bored with what’s on offer in the mainstream world.


You feel the burning within for your real mission in life.



Portalism is the gateway to quantum transformation


Tear down the remnants of your small self and egoic fears.


Thrive in the chaos, out of linear constructs and old paradigms.


Ignite a fire in your industry and watch the corruption burn.


When this tone of Truth awakens the slumber in your very core, you  are ready to experience Portalism.


Your Disruptive Initiation awaits with me, Josephine Sorciere.