Terms of Participation

Terms of Participation

Josephine Sorciere (“JS”) Co-operation: “Josephine Sorciere” or “www.josephinesorciere.com” is referenced as “COMPANY,” “we” or “us”). The COMPANY owns Dark Disrutpors www.darkdisruptors.com
We are committed to providing all participants in Josephine Sorciere products and services with a positive experience. COMPANY works with positive intention, energy, Divine Guidance and Consciousness, and thus cannot guarantee any pre-determined experience.

Sessions, reports, and any other products or services provided by COMPANY do not promise any specific guidance or outcome, and the interpretation of such is the responsibility of the client, and not the COMPANY.

It is the client’s responsibility to book the session through whatever booking system or means the COMPANY provides. This must be done within three months of purchasing a session.

If within the booking system there are no dates that the client is able to attend due to prior commitments or time differences, and option will be provided to contact the COMPANY in order to negotiate a more suitable time.

The COMPANY has discretionary choice to work with a client. If for any reason, the COMPANY deems the client to not be of sound mind or open to receiving the information or healing, the COMPANY has the right to terminate immediately any reports or sessions booked and paid for. In this instance, a full refund will be offered to the client. You are not permitted to seek any further recompense or explanation regarding the decision of the COMPANY, which is full and final.


Refunds & Guarantees

No refunds are offered on products or services of Josephine Sorciere or Dark Disruptors. This includes any amount paid in advance of a term agreement to work with Josephine, which has been agreed to and paid for on a call, following an Initiation or as a stand alone discovery call. At the time of booking the Initiation through the website, by clicking the Book button, it states you agree to the terms and conditions of this website. This is regardless of payment method used, which can be made through the website via Stripe, or Paypal through an external link provided, or via internet banking.

Subsequent to the initial down payment being made at the time of the call or subsequently, the COMPANY will provide a written contract to the client outlining the specifics of the agreement to work on a 3 month or longer basis.

Josephine Sorciere does not offer guarantees regarding possible outcomes from any of the COMPANY’S products or services.